My Reading: The Uncontrolling Love of God - Chapter Two

I don’t think a lot of you would know what the term “predestination” means unless you had been raised in a more fundamentalist part of Christianity. In its simplest terms, there is a theory proposed by a prominent Christian Theologian (Jean Calvin, 1509-1564) that since God is all-powerful and all-knowing then he is fully aware of who will receive an eternal blessing and who will be cursed with eternal torment.

My Reading: The Uncontrolling Love of God - Chapter One

t’s not often that a book can hit me like a brick wall because of the feelings I’ve experienced towards God and my childhood faith. I call it my childhood faith now because I simply can no longer fully believe in what I used to. I do honestly doubt, however, that grappling with the random tragedy of this world has ever been a unique area of doubt; as one can clearly tell by the chapter in which I am reading.

Fear of Living

I have been thinking a lot lately about my struggle with fear. Fear has caused me to stop living for most of my life. It still has a strong hold on me some days, even though I am far more productive and engaged than I have ever been before.

Hidden Questions

was halfway through a Sunday sermon, roughly two decades ago, and I remember a preacher simply reaching a conclusion that he truly believed to be sound and God given. My thought immediately in that moment was, “That’s either completely wrong or I don’t like this God he is telling me about”.

Hope in the Stars

I am about to really let my inner nerd out. Bear with me, it's nerdy but relevant. I would describe myself as a mediocre Star Trek geek. I know enough about the universe to keep up in conversation and follow along with any new movie/television series, but if a true Treky nerd was to break down back stories I would immediately feel lost.

Time for a "Bird of Sorrow"

The high point of my weekend was having second degree burns on both my hands. Yes, this is how I am starting this blog post. I am a big believer that I must try the best I can to find the silver lining or hidden blessing in this mangled metacarpal mess that is my current situation.

Cafeteria Living: Faith

his may be a Canadian thing, or perhaps it is more of a City of Sudbury thing, but my high-school cafeteria had barely any options from which to choose. I remember always seeing in movies that many school cafeterias (I am assuming mainly within the U.S.A.) had these almost buffet style cafeteria line ups with multiple food items to choose from and one individual lunch lady per item to forcefully scoop said option upon your cafeteria tray.

Art In = Art Out

I have been thinking a lot lately about my love of artistic expression. There has always been this side of me that wants to express myself artistically in some way. There was, however, this feeling as I grew up that art was a wasted use of my time; unless it was art directed towards promoting my religious belief.